Introducing Mouse Cursor for Elementor

Introducing Mouse Cursor for Elementor

What is a Mouse Cursor Widget ?

Default Mouse Cursor or Mouse Pointer is the one which comes with a pre-built design with your operating system. And for different purposes like copying text or zooming the image, it changes with default style.

A custom cursor or custom pointer allows you to create a fancy mouse cursor that animates when it interacts with some specific element on the page to offer improved user experience.

Why do you need a Mouse Cursor ?

Very nice question. The first thing I’ll say is UX or user experience. Like instead of using old fashioned default mouse cursor for your online store, using a custom creative mouse cursor will increase user engagement and your purchase funnel will be more blooming.

Another one is displaying creativity. If your agency’s website is the most creative one user’s ever seen, your agency is more likely getting new clients for web designing.And with that increased engagement, more purchases / bookings, branding opportunities, chances to win the best design layout awards and what not !!!

Having some important links ? Want to get clicked ? Want to create an Inclusively designed website ? Having a Christmas sale and want a little bit different layout for the store ?

What makes the Mouse Cursor widget remarkable ?

Feedback is a very important UX trait. And when you can provide it easily, why wouldn’t you !!!

Area Selection Options

Choosing a custom mouse pointer doesn’t mean you have to go with that one on wherever you scroll to. Select where you want the custom mouse pointer and use it there only.

Blazing Fast

No, our custom mouse cursor widget will not tone down your scrolling experience. An amazing fast response, as fast as the default mouse pointer.

Multiple Customization Options

Use Icon, Image, Text, Circles with / in place of default mouse cursor, make it look more engaging. All these surface options also come with their individual in-depth customization options as well.

All Web Predefined Styles

By Default web browsers provide different mouse pointers for different kinds of content, but the problem is you can’t choose which one to use your way. We broke that barrier, choose whatever default mouse you want for any content.

Follow Text Options

A Follow Text option which will attach a tool-tip containing your choice of text along with the mouse pointer, text with all the customization options.

Follow Circle Options

Can’t find your mouse pointer ? Put a circle around it using the Follow Circle option and always keep your mouse pointer handy !!!

Ultimate Design Customization

Customize every single element you can see. From mouse pointer size to Follow Text fonts, everything is flexible to customize.

No Coding / Learning Curve

No watching videos, No learning extra stuff, Not a single line of code required to display your social reviews on a website

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Widget Overview

Mouse cursor is a pretty easy way to make high quality web design without a single line of code or CSS customization on any specific element. However it’s always up to you how creatively you use our widgets to make your web better.

Ease of Use
Creativity Poured
Everyday Usability

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