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    What is a Preloader Widget ?

    Preloader is a screen before the main content of your website loads. Most of the time, Preloaders are just animations that will keep your web visitors engaged while your website loads the content or processes the data. And basically that informs the user that your website hasn’t crashed, it’s just processing the data.

    Why do you need a Preloader ?

    As the internet is getting faster and faster, the attention span of users is getting narrowed down day by day. More than 5 seconds in page loading and Puffff… You lost a visitor. And this is exactly why you need a Preloader.

    A well designed, with the least resource eater Preloader can be used for your websites which will look clean but do its job with fun. This small but powerful detail can help you retain plenty of visitors without any extra efforts on designing layouts or content.

    What makes the Preloader widget remarkable ?

    Stop using old fashioned loader icons, there’s something else, something better !!!

    Multiple PreLoaders

    Add as many PreLoaders you want. Use multiple screen loaders to create amazing effects while content loads.

    Extremely Customizable

    Built with the best web design creation examples kept in mind. Loaded with features that can be used to design with the user’s own creativity.

    Vast Library of Loading Animations

    No idea what to show ? We got you. This widget already comes with a long list of pre-designed loading animations for screen loaders.

    Custom Code & Short Code Options

    Add Custom Code or Short Code for your PreLoader and make it creative your way.

    Exclude Component Option

    Don’t want to hide some portions while screen loading ? Cool. Exclude them via adding unique CSS classes

    Pre / Post Load Transition Options

    Add before & after page load transition effects for your multiple or single screen loaders. Make it Fade In or Slide it out.

    Responsive Ready

    It’s an obvious thing to make any layout display responsive. We have set all the design options in your favour to make the widget screen responsive.

    No Coding / Learning Curve

    No watching videos, No learning extra stuff, Not a single line of code required to display your social reviews on a website

    Widget Overview

    Designing a website using heavy resources ? Create a cinematic experience for your users till your website loads. Idea of Preloaders holds mystery & motivation for visitors to explore your web page and meanwhile keeps them engaged.

    Ease of Use
    Creativity Poured
    Everyday Usability

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