Introducing Social Feed for Elementor

What is a Social Feed ?

Social Feed is simply a list of your social media posts, stories, status, photos / videos and whatever you post there. Posts from Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many more platforms can be displayed to mark your social presence on your website that serves various use-cases.

Why do you need Social Feed ?

Each platform serves a different purpose in your business or whatever thing you’re doing online. Facebook is great as a marketplace & community building whereas Instagram is well known for it’s personal reach capability algorithm. So posting the same content everywhere doesn’t make sense.

But but… Even when you’re capable of posting unique pieces of creations, you need to build bridges between them. Reason being, one of your social media will be having tons of followers and there’ll be blowing winds on another one. It’s better for your business, better for your engagement and mainly for your brand’s identity online.

Social Feed is a dynamic widget, and what that means is it’ll automatically update your web feed every time you post on social media. And you can combine all of your social media feeds on a single page using Multi Social Feed as well.

What makes the Social Feed widget remarkable ?

Nowadays both social media and portfolio on the web both are equally important to maintain for business promotion or as an influencer. The Plus Add-ons have added this social feed widget to connect them both in the easiest way possible.

Easy & One Time Setup

Just drag & drop the widget into the playground, fill up the social media settings & you’re ready to rock.

Always Up to Date

Don’t worry about updating and posting content everywhere. Keep your audience engaged by daily posting of your social media, we’ll fetch content from there by ourselves.

Multiple Pre-Built Layouts

We’ve already boiled pasta for you. Select the layout and display posts without worrying about arrangements.

Advanced Caching Architecture

Option for feed fetching interval selection. All your feed will be stored in a cache until that time interval.

Flexible & Responsive

It’s an obvious thing to make any layout display responsive. We have set all the design options in your favour to make the widget screen responsive.

No Limitation for Feed

Display as many posts you want to on your page. But you need to post them on social media first !!!

No Coding / Learning Curve

No watching videos, No learning extra stuff, Not a single line of code required to display your social feed on a website.

Amazing Customer Support

The Plus Add-ons is the best add-ons for elementor page builder with an immense widgets library. But out of all this, customer support is the best feature we’re known for.

Fetch Feed from Pages

Got a page on Facebook ? Display feed from Facebook page on your website easily by social feed widget.

Manage Content Your way

Social feed widgets allow you to manage your post orders, what part of them to display, customize the design and much more.

Multiple Scrolling Options

Use Load More, Lazy Load or All content at once for scrolling.

Get More Views

Choose what’s working & beat the competition. Post your top grossing videos on websites and get even more views & subscribers on youtube.

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Widget Overview

Social Feed is the best in class widget used for displaying the posts without worrying about updating or redesigning everytime you post on social media without any limitations. You’re getting more than enough pre-built things that you don’t even worry about creating a unique design as well !!!

Ease of Use
Creativity Poured
Everyday Usability

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