Introducing Social Reviews for Elementor

What is a Social Review ?

Social review is a product opinion publicly shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Product Hunt or Yelp. Normally reviews are submitted on the official site of any product. But ultimate control of review publishing is in the hands of the admins. But if you’re reviewing it socially, you’re free to share your honest opinions about any product or place and people will actually be able to get that genuine info.

Why do you need a Social Review ?

But nowadays, almost all of us read reviews about places we are going to visit or food we are going to order or a product we are going to purchase. And stats shows that almost 80% of us decide based on the reviews. So getting & publishing reviews is a perfect thing to grow your business.

And now the fun part, what to do with them. Businesses used to display testimonials on their websites to get attention and prove their authenticity. But Social Review has replaced testimonials as testimonials were also accused of being fake and that in my opinion was right at some point.

Using Social Media reviews, there’s no need to prove the user’s authenticity. And the best thing is you can show them on your website just like old fashioned testimonials !

What makes the Social Review widget remarkable ?

According to stats, more than 75% of people read customer reviews before making a purchase. Reviews have the ability to gain customer trust. They motivate people to interact with your service / products.

Easy & One Time Setup

Just drag & drop the widget into the playground, fill up the social media settings & you’re ready to rock.

Easily Pull-in Reviews from Facebook and Google

Options to embed social reviews from platforms like FaceBook and Google on your website. Add unlimited custom reviews for other platforms as well.

Get More Reviews

Display social review badges on your website and ask other visitors if they recommend your business as well.

Fetch Unlimited Reviews

No limit on embedding social reviews on a website, displaying all of them at once. Add as many custom reviews as you want.

No Downtime Regardless of Platform Status

Display Pre-Fetched reviews from database storage during the downtime of social media platforms.

Advanced Caching Architecture

Option for reviews fetching interval selection. All your reviews will be stored in a local database until that time interval.

No Coding / Learning Curve

No watching videos, No learning extra stuff, Not a single line of code required to display your social reviews on a website.

Amazing Customer Support

The Plus Add-ons is the best add-ons for elementor page builder with an immense widgets library. But out of all this, customer support is the best feature we’re known for.

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Widget Overview

Showing reviews from past customers is the best way to get someone’s trust. The social Reviews widget will automatically connect your social media reviews on your website. Saves you time and a whole lot of effort.

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Everyday Usability

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