Introducing Social Sharing for Elementor

What is Social Sharing?

In simple terms, Social Sharing means sharing content on social media or private chatting apps. It’s a very coming thing you do, it’s kind of part of your life right now, sharing content on social media. From Memes to YouTube videos, from online courses to informative blogs – people share tons of things online via various social platforms daily.

Why do you need a Social Sharing Widget ?

What would you do if you found a funny meme on Instagram, or a motivational video on YouTube or a perfect blog of a new vegan recipe or a cute cat GIF on reddit ? Obviously, share it with your friend right !!! Who doesn’t love content with impact, content that stands out !!!

Fun Fact
63% Of Internet Users Are Social Media Users. So If Your Content Is Not Going On Social Media, Then You’re Already Losing Your Probable 63% Audience !!!

As a matter of fact, around 55,000 links are getting shared every minute on Facebook, can you believe that !? Not every content is sharable verbally. You must’ve released till now that posting infographics is a new way of blogging, short & sweet. That creates a visual impact which can’t be described in words, sometimes yes.

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Widget Overview

Planning the content according to your audience’s sharing and consumption habits will take you to the high road easily. People share content to bring values to other users. It supports your brand and cause of your business.

Ease of Use
Creativity Poured
Everyday Usability

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