Introducing Woo Builder for Elementor

Introducing Woo Builder for Elementor

What is Woo Builder?

Woo Builder by The Plus Addons is a collection of Widgets used to create an online store using the much popular WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce provides an extremely easy and useful interface to create an online store in WordPress. Woo Builder, on top of it, carries its functionality to the next level to build the front-end for your store using WooCommerce.

How Will Woo Builder Help Me ?

You can easily manage data for your products in the back-end using WooCommerce, but what about the front-end. And with a great online business comes great responsibilities, like store design, marketing strategies, data personalization etc. So often owners focus on marketing more and design less, but keep in mind, an amazing shopping experience is also reliable on their surfing experience on your online store as well.

But creating an UI is a pain, so we made it simple. We are introducing a large list of Woo Builder widgets which will help you design your online store without writing a single line of code or any CSS manually ! For each page in your purchase funnel, each component in your store pages is customizable with Woo Builder.

What makes the Woo Builder remarkable ?

Woo builder is nothing but a collection of widgets used to create beautiful WooCommerce pages like Shop, Cart, Checkout etc. designs without writing a single line of code. Starting from Product Image to Footer Credits, you can manage everything at one place using widgets.

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Every single detail in design is manageable by responsible widgets. We have provided every possible design option to tweak the component at your mark. We are adding more and more functionalities into our widgets that can help you implement any possible design using our widgets only.

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